Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Track Workout - Dedicated to Brother Dave

After taking off yesterday from running, I was so ready for this track workout. The plan was to meet Emily at the BHS track at five. It was much more difficult getting up this morning than usual because we had no air conditioning last night and so I feel like I slept very little (it's fixed now!). My mom reminded me today that people have survived for centuries without air conditioning, usually sleeping naked under an open window, and that only made me appreciate it more.

Anyway, I met Emily at the track and did a one-mile warm-up. Phil joined us, and I cranked out 4x800 repeats:  3:39; 3:45; 3:41; 3:38. I stopped myself at four, and I'm glad I did because I was definitely feeling it on the cool down. Total mileage for this workout:  4.5. Pretty solid for a track workout. So, Emily explained the Yasso 800's to me and I tried to follow it, but at the same time, I didn't. My goal marathon time is around 4:40, and I can run 800's much faster than that (obviously). So, do I stick to the Yasso plan or run them harder yet more conservatively? Let me know what you think. 

I was able to get in a workout, go grocery shopping, and get dinner in the crock pot - all before 7:30 this morning. While I don't enjoy waking up at the butt crack of dawn, it does feel good to be uber-productive in the morning. Sunlight was just starting to fill the sky while we were on the track, which made for a beautiful morning. 

Today's workout is dedicated to my Grandpa Zimmer, otherwise known as Brother Dave. I thought it fitting to think about him during my 800's as he is the one who got me into speed workouts as an adult. He is an active member of the Cornbelt Running Club and talked me into doing their track workouts on Tuesday nights a few years ago.

Truth time:  My grandfather is a stud. He is a superstar. He could run circles around your grandpa (okay, I had to say that!). In all reality, he really is special. The first time I met Ernesto, I told him I was originally from DeWitt. He proceeded to ask me if he knew Dave Zimmer. What a small world! My grandfather is know in the QC running world and that makes me proud. Everyone I talk to about him says how nice, hardworking, and dedicated of a person he truly is. I strive to live up to and carry on his reputation. 

My grandfather has been running since the age of 44. He got the nickname "Brother Dave" during Ragbrai 2010 because "Grandpa" seemed like too old of  reference; he wanted something cooler. We have run together on trails in Colorado, at Distance Classic training runs, at CBRC track workouts, at local road races; we have biked to Bear Lake in Rocky Mountain National Park and on Ragbrai, and we both enjoy making fun of David Mulfinger at Saturday morning bike workouts; and I have competed against him in various triathlons.

We have talked about the sport of running and about one's ability to get burnt out. After all of these years, after ups and downs, injuries and lack of motivation, he is still going. One thing he really enjoys doing is volunteering for the Firecracker Run over in East Moline. If there is someone truly living uncommon, it's him. He is a father, grandfather, husband, brother, mentor, goofball, and so much more. As I've grown up, I feel like I've gotten to know him better, and that is all thanks to running (and a little biking. Okay, and a little swimming). So, the next time someone mentions Dave Zimmer, know that he is my grandpa, and that makes me proud. 

Grandpa, Dad, Erin, and me - St. Patrick's Day Race 2011

David and Brother Dave - Districts 2011

Grandpa and Grandma - State Cross Country 2011

At Jessica's wedding - they are the best dancers! I think all of those dance lessons help :)

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  1. Not to mention that he still kicks all of our butts at said races. What a stud!