Sunday, June 10, 2012

LSR - Run Dedicated to Adrienne

I got up this morning and was off and running at 6:30. The plan was to meet my mom and Adrienne at the end of the bike path on State St. I wanted to start at six, Adrienne wanted to start at seven, so we met in the middle. It was decided almost immediately that we should have started earlier. My thermometer read 73 degrees at six o'clock and it only warmed up from there.

Sam came with me and I was feeling pretty uncomfortable about her running in the heat, so Adrienne and I agreed to take a detour from the bike path and drop her off at my house. This was an excellent decision; we got a water stop and Sam got a short run.

My legs felt great and I was mentally prepared for this run. I was planning on going ten miles but we ended up going nine in 1:26 (9:33 pace), which is totally fine with me. We ended up walking a few times, but I was able to run again just fine. Usually, I have a problem walking because once I do, I find it more difficult to run the rest of the way. I don't usually do long runs after races, but I needed to get in more miles this week and I want to make my legs stronger by running after races. My goal pace for the marathon in September is 10:00 per mile, and this run felt comfortable; Adrienne and I were able to converse without a problem. As David's brother is getting married this coming weekend, my plan is to get in a twelve-mile long run on Thursday. My mom ran 6.2 miles, which is awesome, and after the run we went to Bruegger's for breakfast.

Okay, this run is dedicated to my sister Adrienne. She will be a senior at the University of Iowa. I actually ran into her at the Race for the Cure; I had no idea she was running it and we found each other at the finish line. It turns out that she beat me! I keep saying that I will beat her next time, but when I think back to all of the races we have run together, it is me who is playing catch-up.

One thing I love about my relationship with Adrienne is that we can always catch-up with each other on a run. Most people agree to meet over coffee or dinner, but Adrienne and I usually find ourselves meeting to do a track workout or run on the bike path. I've even gone to Iowa City in order to do a long run with her. We enjoy going to Airliner to get wings and pizza, and I have traveled with her to Florida, Minneapolis, and Washington D.C. We've run marathon relays together, competed in triathlons, and trained for a marathon. Adrienne talked me into going with her to get a tattoo. She loves to travel and get out there and do things. I have no doubt that whatever field she goes into, she will be successful. So, here's to Adrienne - you make me want to train harder so that one day I can beat you in a race!

Resting during RAGBRAI 2011. 

Adrienne and me at Jessica's wedding.

In Florida, March 2012.

Harry Potter World! Florida, March 2012.

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