Wednesday, June 27, 2012

A Little Bit of Everything

8:20-9:20 - Biked on the trainer for one hour - 14 miles
I watched a National Geographic episode on Netflix about special forces. I like watching military documentaries and information shows because I know I would never make it through most of the training. I've watched a few about the green berets and marines - talk about brutal. I have so much respect for those in the military. I know I should bike outside more often, but I just don't want to. I don't want to have to deal with cars and red-winged blackbirds. That being said, I know I don't put in as much effort on the trainer, especially if I am not biking to a video.

9:30 - got out for a brick run 1.61 miles in 13:09 (8:08 pace)
I ran pretty much around the block. While on the bike, I went back and forth on whether I wanted to run. I made a compromise with myself to run around the block instead of on the bike path; that way I had to complete the route instead of wondering how far I should go. After I took off, I looked down at my watch and was surprised with my pace. My legs didn't feel that tired, but my stride was definitely shortened. I'm happy that I held a solid pace the entire run.

5:00 - swam at Mt. Joy - 500 meters
David talked me into going swimming. He wanted to get out of roofing early and I had mentioned swimming yesterday, so I went. I felt very comfortable breathing-wise. David was a punk and was grabbing my feet at first, but then he swam at his own pace and was gone. I did panic a little at the turn-around because of the weeds growing on the bottom of the lake. Every time I swim in this lake, I think of the merpeople from Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire; you know, the part where he has to save Ron and uses gillyweed in order to breathe underwater? Yeah. I would rather the lake be pitch black rather than see all of the plants growing from the bottom. I think I might have to find a different place to swim...

Overall, I'm pretty happy with today's training. I feel like I could have gone farther with the bike, run, and swim, but I'm planning on running hills tomorrow with Brother Dave and his Bruegger's running group, so I don't want to overdo it.

Oh yeah. I told you I was going to make homemade granola bars, and here they are:

Cut and ready to package.

Stored in the refrigerator so that the chocolate will harden.
I found this recipe on Pinterest. Here's the link. These actually turned out better than I thought they would. We didn't have regular peanuts, so I crushed up some cashews. I substituted wheat germ for flaxseed and sunflower seeds for crushed almonds. I did not include any salt and used about five ounces of dried cranberries. The thing I like about these, and the energy balls I make, is that I can use whatever ingredients I want. Sure, there is a recipe, but as long as there is enough "stuff" to hold everything together, I can add or subtract ingredients and amounts. I added chocolate chips to the top after I mixed everything, and David M. thinks I added too many. I will have to experiment with this.

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