Sunday, June 24, 2012

LSR - Dedicated to Jessica

Okay, so I made it out the door this morning a little after six. I decided to take Sam since she has not been running for a while, but I went toward Bettendorf so that I could bring her home earlier in the run if needed. David joined us on his bike about two miles in. Total miles run:  9.21. Total time:  1:27. Average pace:  9:31.  Looking at my mile splits, I stayed pretty consistent, about which I am happy. I actually picked it up the last two miles or so (that could have been because of the light rain and thunder!).

Overall, the run was uncomfortable. I woke up this morning with what felt like a giant air bubble between my ribs and it never went away. In fact, it caused a side cramp under my left rib that was present the entire run. It was tolerable but undesirable. That being said, my legs felt good and I could have kept going. I appreciated the fact that David rode to keep me company and provide water for Sam and me. I thought I would get in more like 9.5 miles, but my ability to calculate distance while running is lacking. Oh well. I plan on getting in one longer run before my trip.

This run is dedicated to my younger sister - by two years - Jessica. She went to Iowa State (boo - go Panthers!) and graduated with a degree in biology. She then went back to school, earned her master's degree, and will begin her first year of teaching this fall at PV Junior High. Yep - we are not only in the same district - we are at the same school. My dad once asked, "So, how do you feel about Jessica being at the same school?" Honestly? I'm really looking forward to it. I will finally have someone with whom to sign-up for treats! Ha. Jessica and I worked together a year ago and, while I was hesitant at first about her being there (you know, there is the whole you're encroaching on my domain-type thing), I really enjoyed having her there. Unfortunately, I am moving classrooms, so I won't be just-down-the-hall.

Jessica has completed two marathons and a handful of half marathons, as well as plenty of triathlons. I thought I was going to beat her at last year's QC Tri, but she passed me on the last mile. I plan on seeking revenge next year. We have ridden parts of Ragbrai together the past two years and always enjoy a nice run together. We've traveled together to Pennsylvania, D.C., Florida, Minneapolis, Champaign, and St. Louis. Our friendship has grown stronger with age, as many sister friendships do. When we were younger, we really didn't have much in common. I was the nerdy, bookworm, I-follow-every-rule child while Jessica was the I-do-what-I-want child. But somehow, we have ended up becoming the best of friends. Now don't get me wrong; we don't always get along - we are still sisters - but we understand each other.

On today's run, I thought about how much I am going to enjoy living closer to Kyle and her (and Ledger and Jefferson Starship). Blah, blah - enough sappy stuff. You get it.

I leave in less than a week for my Holocaust Teachers' Program. Lists have been made and laundry has begun!

Jessica and me at Honeymoon Island - Florida 2012

Torchlight Parade! - June 2012

Jessica and cousin Cameron
I had to add this! We found Brother Dave at Jessica's Bachelorette Party - Moonlight Chase 2011

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