Monday, June 18, 2012

LSR - Dedicated to Erin

Okay. So, the plan was to run 12 miles this morning and I talked Erin into pushing back her long run and going with me. I had an awesome but crazy weekend (David's brother Dylan got married in Sioux City), so I only got in one run. I thought this would be a good thing as my legs would be fresh. That didn't make any difference. Friday morning I was able to hop on the treadmill and got in three miles. I figured this was better than nothing! I had every intention of getting up earlier on Saturday morning and logging a few more miles on the treadmill, but then I figured it would be bad-news-bears to wake everyone up with my pounding on THE wedding day, so I abstained from running. Sunday morning I was a bit tired from all of the running around and dancing the day before, so I slept in and didn't run. Anyway, I count dancing as a workout!

Michelle, Dylan, me, and David - We're so happy for them!

Erin and I went out around 5:45 and it was already 77 degrees. Things went well until mile 9; it was then that my body wanted to stop. I was dehydrated, I started getting cold, and my legs and butt hurt. We ended up taking walk breaks every half mile or so. I told Erin that if she hadn't been with me, I would be laying down at mile six eating gummy bears! It was a miserable run to say the least. But, we got it done.

I am currently reevaluating my goals for this year. Erin pointed out that I have yet to have a decent run in warmer weather, and that's something I had not thought of lately. In reality, the last longer run in warmer weather I remember going smoothly was back in 2009 when I ran 16 miles at night with Adrienne biking along as support. I had to stop at mile 19 at the QC Marathon in 2009 because it was really hot and I was dehydrated. I was sick at the Des Moines Marathon, but I don't remember it being too warm. The QC Distance Classic this year was hot, and I died. Maybe it's a mental thing, but I just feel like I perform better in cooler weather. Shorter road races aren't quite as bad, but it is brutal to try and push for ten more miles.

That being said, I am thinking about doing the half marathon at the QC Marathon and completing a full marathon with Erin in early November (right now I am signed up for the QC full). I won't lie - I am worried that it will be warm in September and that I  won't be able to finish. I don't want that to happen. It's the last race in the LU Race Series and I want to do well. This schedule would work better for me as I wouldn't have to worry about getting in an 18-miler overseas. If I push back my marathon, I think I will register for the First Central Crossroads Triathlon. I have completed this for the past couple of years and enjoy finishing at my old high school (which is now renovated). Any thoughts are welcome.

Today's run is dedicated to Erin. Erin is my older sister by two years. She was born a runner. We were on the same team in high school for two years, and then she went on to run for UNI for a season. She now lives in Minneapolis and takes me on all of the trails when I visit. It sometimes drives me crazy because no matter how hard or long I train, I have yet to beat her in a road race. My best chance was at this year's CASI St. Patrick's Day Race. I had trained all winter and she had just started training. We ran together toward the beginning but, like usual, I went out too fast and ended up paying for it at the end. One of these days I will catch her!

Erin is also a teacher, but she is a teacher of history as opposed to English/Language Arts. She had the opportunity to work at the National Museum of American History (one of the Smithsonian museums) when she lived in D.C. and I just found out tonight that while there, she saw Ben Stiller, Jon Bon Jovi, and she met Jimmy Smits. Pretty cool. She is a fabulous cook and excels at making and decorating cakes. She actually made the cake for Jessica's wedding. Random fact:  Erin prefers homemade cake and frosting to store-bought. She also has one of Sam's sisters - Buttercup. We enjoy getting them together so they can play, although Sam has a tendency to pick on Buttercup and try to cause trouble. I am so happy to have an older sister who can give me advice and provide a different perspective. So, here's to Erin, who can get me through any run alive!

Cheering on David at a cross-country meet

Me, Adrienne, and Erin

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