Sunday, July 15, 2012

Poland - Krakow

I needed today. Yesterday was emotionally draining, and we really have not had a break during this trip; there has always been something planned. This morning we went to a synagogue, the Galacia Museum, the Schindler Museum, and the Krakow Ghetto Memorial. It was a pretty full morning. I was able to sleep in until seven o'clock, but that almost made me more tired!

Lunch was had at a restaurant in the town square, and then we were able to do some shopping. It was great to just walk around and enjoy being in the city. I went with a group to E. Wedel, which has great chocolate. The hot chocolate was divine, and I ended up purchasing more chocolate than I probably need.

This is a short post, which is fine with me. Tomorrow we leave early in the morning for Belzec. I have five more days in Poland until I leave to come home. Last night at our after-dinner meeting, I experienced a situation that made me long for home. Today provided the rejuvenation I need to make it through the rest of the week. The people here are great, and the nice thing is that I can spend time with different people and get to know all of them.

p.s. I won't get into it now, but I have truly learned to appreciate PV more than I did before. I've had conversations with teachers about their districts, schools, administrators, and curricula, and I have come to the conclusion that I have a pretty solid position.

Yesterday my post was not uplifting in the least, so I will leave you with some more positive pictures from today.

The gate to Schindler's Factory. These are not originals; rather, they are designed this way because that's how they are in the movie.

Enjoying THE BEST cup of hot chocolate in the world at E. Wedel. It is like a melted chocolate bar in a cup. 

Today's lunch group. We walked, talked, ate, and shopped. It was a refreshing afternoon (and it didn't rain!).

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  1. Notice in the last picture how everyone has one bag and Kat has a pile of bags in front of her. I thought you got rid of the shopping bug!?