Sunday, August 5, 2012

LSR - Run Dedicated to my Parents

This morning Adrienne came down to run with me on the bike path. We ran the first five miles together, and then she turned around and I went another mile with Sam before turning back. I didn't have my Garmin watch this morning, so I really ran based on how I felt. It was nice, but I prefer to have my watch on my long runs to ensure I don't go out too fast. Sam ran the entire way - 12 miles - and had no problem. Adrienne came back on her bike to bring us water with about a mile and a half left. I started feeling the run around mile ten, and that makes me feel good. Adrienne really picked up her pace on the way back, so I would like to run the entire way with her to see if I can stay with her. Total distance:  12.2. Total time:  1:53. Average pace:  9:14. I'm estimating on the distance because I didn't have my watch. After mile five, I ran for ten minutes before turning around.

Here are the races on my schedule for this fall:
1. OUCH half marathon
2. Run with Carl
3. Quad Cities half marathon
4. Rails to Trails marathon

So, today's run is dedicated to my parents - Tuesday is their 30th wedding anniversary. Thirty years is a long time! My family met at Thunder Bay Grille for brunch and then most of us went to The Dark Night Rises. Brunch was pretty good, but the movie was awesome! It's something I can't wait to watch on our new television that David conveniently bought while I was on my trip. :)

My dad is a principal and is probably the most hard-working person I know. I remember he got us into running, but he was so surprised to hear that I was going out for cross-country in high school after Erin graduated. My dad is now on a weekend training schedule, and he has been for probably the past five years or so. He tends to get long runs in just to be ready in case someone wants to run a race. It's funny because his three oldest children have followed him into the education field and he wants us to succeed. He started his career as an industrial technology teacher, and whatever "off" time he has is spent working on someone's house.

My mom works at the Camanche Post Office. She stayed home with us and worked at a preschool while we were growing up. I remember her putting on our Christmas shows and making our dresses. For my mom's 50th birthday, my immediate family ran the Des Moines Marathon, and my mom and I ran together. Growing up, my sisters and I loved wearing her old running tank tops, and I still have one - a blue Quad Cities Angels tank.

Today at brunch, we talked about when my parents got engaged and married, and what our early vacations were like. They did not have any money, but they still made sure we went on vacation every summer. It's fun discussing our family vacations because it seems like each one has its own stories - my dad almost losing our camper off of a drop-off after driving over a bridge held up by crushed cars, my dad almost taking off the top of the camper at the Denver airport, eating cold-cut sandwiches and drinking Schweppe's Ginger Ale in the parking lot at Disney World, swimming at the Y with the rope swing in Colorado... My parents would do anything for family, and they want to be a part of our successes.

Happy 30th anniversary! Here's to thirty more years...

Mom and Dad at Jessica and Kyle's wedding rehearsal - 2011

At Jessica and Kyle's wedding reception - happy parents!

The parents with David at districts - 2011

Grandma Simkins, Mom and Dad, and Grandma and Grandpa Zimmer -  anniversary brunch August 2012

Our ridiculous family

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